Back to Normal?

Today everyone just wants to get back to normal. Really?

I don’t want to go back. I’m looking forward, forward to better than normal, forward to more than normal!

Simon Peter had a decent normal, fishing for a living.
Mark 1:16-18

Jesus gave him a new normal! Doing “church” for a living.
Mark 1:21-42
Luke 9:1-2

Then Simon Peter had a rough 24 hours:

And now? He decides to go fishing, all the way back to his old, comfortable normal. John 21:3

So what did Jesus do about it? John 21:15-17

  • Jesus gave him his new normal! The most awesome normal Simon Peter ever had!
  • It isn’t over! It may just be beginning!
  • Whatever you’re dealing with, this could be the open door to the most awesome normal you have ever had!

But Simon Peter had to be willing to embrace his most awesome, best-ever normal and not return to his comfortable normal!