Easter Sunday

Holy Week, the days just before Easter, were a very confusing time.
Consider it from the disciples’ perspective. Jesus announces His impending death, He is betrayed, arrested, tried, rejected, condemned, beaten, killed, buried and alive again – all in a matter of one week.

But from our perspective we know it’s good news! They should have been encouraged.

The disciples’ situation wasn’t much different than yours this week: self-isolation, normal was long gone, government leaders making decisions and rulings that didn’t always make sense, more questions than answers.

So let me also tell you to be encouraged! Rejoice! Maybe we’re like the disciples and we just can’t see it yet.

And after the cross, life would never be the same. And that’s an awesome thing! For us, too! Once we meet Jesus at the cross of forgiveness life is never the same!!

Matthew 26:27-29
Jesus gives them a future hope that begins with forgiveness.
But more than just our guilt, it’s about our shame and our life of sin!

John 19:26-27
Purpose! John is the only disciple actually at the cross when Jesus died. So he is the only one in a position to receive new purpose.

We all have plenty to live for, right? Toys and joys!

But at the cross, Jesus had found something worth dying for

Life is most worth living when you have something worth dying for!

We get our life from His death!

We receive forgiveness for the guilt of our sin,
deliverance from the shame of our sin,
saving from the life of sin,
and true purpose, something worth dying for!

Romans 10:9-10

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