Worship, Repeat

Today is Palm Sunday and Vision Sunday, a great time to refocus!

On the first Palm Sunday the crowds, and even Jesus’ own disciples, didn’t really understand the plan.

John 12:12-18

John 19:15

They were merely worshiping their vision for who Jesus should be!



Today we are talking about bringing worship back to our communities!

►►LEARN Worship – John 4:24

worship   to express or show reverence and adoration to God

1. Words spoken, written, sung, etc
2. Gestures like lifting hands or clapping hands, bowing, dancing, etc
3. Obedience, which is perhaps the highest form of worship
4. Actions that display who He is, like serving, showing love, etc


►►PRACTICE Worship

  • Worship can be your war song, a psychological weapon sending a message to the enemy!
  • Learn your solo!


►►REPEAT your story, what you have seen and heard!

Call attention to God’s work in a situation, His faithfulness, care, presence, peace, blessings, etc.

Matthew 11:4-5

The series wrap-up:
Fill your world with prayer!
Fill your world with promise!
Fill your world with praise!