Connect the Dots

The dots: Setting goals, making plans, working at it, embracing God’s dream, being a part of a great church, upgrading our habits, falling deeply in love with Jesus, joining a small group

The dots are already there! That’s the cool thing about a connect the dots book, right? The design & artwork are already done. We only have to…?

So how can we miss what is so close?

  • We skip a few dots
  • We try to move the dots
  • Distractions or loss of focus
  • It looks different than we expected

Perhaps the saddest of all paradoxes is when we miss what we’re looking for!

Even when the picture is just dots, connect them!

John 15:5-8

Jesus says you can’t do this on your own!

Whatever success I have had in life and ministry is not due to God connecting me with dozens of people just like myself!

Unless we are willing to connect with others we will never grow or become all we could be!

When all the dots don’t appear to be there, connect anyway!

People who aren’t connected often think other people don’t care. But when you’re unconnected it’s not that people don’t care. People don’t know.

Some people feel eternally connected to a church building. But people need to connect to people!

Connect even when it feels like a strange land (new things often do!)

Jeremiah 29:5-7