What You Got for Christmas

The Hula Hoop, invented in 1958

 Self-centeredness, it all revolves around you

Matthew 2:1-2a

The level of selfishness in our lives is in indirect proportion to our personal long-term joy and fulfillment in life.

“As sure as a math formula,
as the x of selfishness increases,
the y of soul diminishes.”
– Barry York

Monopoly, invented in 1935

Materialism, he who has the most wins

Matthew 2:11

Where can I be light in someone’s darkness?

Magic 8-Ball, invented in the 1950’s

Randomness and chaos, there are no right or wrong answers, no point to life

Matthew 2:2b

I don’t believe God is interested in the little things of my life. God is interested in all things in my life!

Play-Doh, developed in the 1930s then marketed to schools and kids in 50s

Relativism, making the world whatever you want

Matthew 2:9-11

We’ve been given false ways to see the world and our relation to it.  Jesus coming gave us the gift to see the purpose in creation and our place within it! The wise men found a King to serve.

What you and I got for Christmas:
The call to focus on others
The challenge to be light in someone’s darkness
A King who is interested in all things in my life
Purpose beyond ourselves