How We Impact One Another

The #1 reason to attend small group and church? Someone needs you.

We should encourage one another, stand up for each other, be an example to each other!

Romans 14:1-3

Someone’s walk with God is more important than my opinion!
We need to be careful how we impact one another, making sure it is always in a positive way

Matthew 18:15-17

Listening to rumor, gossip, innuendo, etc. will impact the people around you.
Refusing to listen will impact those around you, too, but in a different way!

Guilty and innocent people have this in common, they all need somebody to be their friend. And maybe a guilt person needs it more!

Galatians 6:1

Marks of Maturity

  • Keep commitments
  • Have humility
  • Put space between emotions and actions
  • Display gratitude
  • Pursue wisdom
  • Make peace
  • Easily delay gratification
  • Have a distaste for drama
  • Know they don’t know everything
  • Listen more than they talk
  • Not easily offended
  • Accept responsibility, don’t deflect blame
  • Selfless sacrifice without expectation of return
  • Find joy in other people’s success
  • Prioritize others over themselves – like Jesus did, & taught – Romans 15:3

There is a progression to becoming like Jesus in this:
– Doing what you want or like
– Taking care of what you need
– Doing what has to be done
– Seeing someone else’s pain or need
– Responding to needs beyond yourself
– Living to help others, a serving lifestyle

So where are we going with this? Look around.
Someone nearby just lost their job or will this week.
Someone got bad news from their doctor this week, or will this week.
Someone is struggling in their marriage.
Someone else is hurting financially.
Someone feels alone, is depressed, or is afraid of something you’ve already been through!

Stop avoiding eye contact!

The last person you dodged may be the one God was trying to connect with you.

Romans 12:13

People who are too busy can’t have impact!