Questioning Jesus

Questioning is not always bad. It can mean:

  • Interrogation
  • Raising doubts, or simply entertaining them
  • Being suspicious
  • Seeking truth or peace

Let’s start with perhaps the most important question we ask of Jesus:
Are You the One?

Matthew 11:3-5, 27:11, 21:23-25, Luke 7:19-22, 22:67-68, Mark 14:61-62

  • To John the Baptist’s followers Jesus replies (this is a paraphrase): What do you see? Notice the miracles! And that hope is readily shared with the poor! Something is different!
  • To Pilate He basically says: You already know
  • And to the High Priest Jesus simply says: “I am”

A related question from John 6:30-33:
Why doesn’t Jesus just prove Himself to everyone?
Jesus doesn’t want us to chase His miracles, He wants us to believe in Him!

But probably most questions asked about Jesus in our age are about reconciling a good God and a bad world

Luke 10:38-42
Does Jesus care that life isn’t fair?
Maybe we’re prioritizing the wrong things!

Luke 2:43-50
Why does Jesus disappoint me?
We really should know what to expect Jesus to say and do.

Matthew 15:12
Does Jesus knowingly offend people?
Disregard these particular people.
But do not offend those who are weak or young in their faith! Romans 14:1, Matthew 18:6-7

Luke 9:51-55
Wouldn’t it be better if bad people were dead?
Check your heart, your spirit, your motivation.

Luke 22:47-51
Should we fight?
Stop it!

Mark 5:25-34
Why is Jesus concerned about insignificant things?
Insignificant things are huge to the people who have to deal with them!

Mark 4:36-40
Does Jesus care what happens to us?
Just have faith! He’s already on the boat with power to perform your needed miracle!

John 9:1-3
Why do bad things happen?
God’s power has not yet been displayed in this place. So we should be working toward prayer and seeking God’s power for needs!

Matthew 3:13-15
Why does Jesus need me?
Jesus said it is fitting, it’s how He chooses to do it. He wants you involved!

John 8:31-36
Why do I need to be set free? I’ve never been a slave.
We think we sin because we choose to sin, but it’s really because we can’t help it. And Jesus came to not just make us feel free but make us free indeed!

John 4:11
Can Jesus really perform miracles?

Most people today don’t believe in miracles – until they need one!