Because of all He’s done, This Is What We Do

We gather because we are Firstborn!
Luke 13:34
Matthew 9:35-38
Luke 19:10

The goal is not to just get you here on Sunday. The goal is to get you to the feet of Jesus,
worshipping Him for yourself not just watching,
discovering the gifts He has given you to make a difference and helping you develop and use them,
become so overwhelmed by Who He is that you can’t help but invite someone else to come sit at His feet with you.

What kinds of things need to be gathered? Things that are scattered, out of place, or lost!

Lost is the word Jesus used in Luke 15 when he spoke of a sheep, a coin, and a son.

Pray and watch for signs, for hope! Those who have chosen to walk away have to choose to return.

So who are these scattered ones? Those with marital problems, addictions, suffering abuse, with financial trouble, self-esteem issues, living with guilt, condemnation or shame, who have anger issues, those who are lonely, etc.

What kinds of things need to be gathered? Things that belong together!

  • ALL the sheep!
  • ALL the coins!
  • The WHOLE family!


At 29:11 we want to reach people no one else is reaching. That means being willing to do what no one else is doing!

“I think our culture is changing, which is making evangelism difficult…people are shrinking back because it’s not politically correct. I think people are afraid of being asked questions that they may not be able to answer. They’re not even sure…how to engage in spiritual conversation.”  – Garry Poole

How to gather better:

  • Make it priority
  • Set a goal
  • Name a name
  • Plan follow-up in advance
  • Design the worship service with FTAs in mind
  • Equip people to invite

When I see God in eternity and He looks over my shoulder and asks, “Who did you bring with you?”, what will be my answer?