Exposing Self

John 21:1-12

Our default is what we know, what we are comfortable with, our way, our passions, our thoughts, etc.

So Jesus interrupted their fishing trip with…

First, a question.

What is Jesus asking you today? What will your answer be?

Miracles, at least two

We have miracles every day and don’t pay attention that Jesus is trying to get our attention!


Philippians 4:19

Breakfast was also an invitation to spend time with Him, in His presence.

The one most anxious to be with Jesus got the most time with Him!

Then Jesus sends him back into ministry!
God’s presence isn’t just for us!
The miracles are meant to continue!
His provision is meant to be shared!
Jesus’ words are too awesome to keep to ourselves!

Jesus didn’t condemn fishing but reminded Simon Peter there were more important things that he needed to get to!

We know you must do 3 things to be fulfilled, to become all God dreams, etc

1. CONNECT – With Jesus and other Christians

2. SERVE – Everyone has something awesome to do for Jesus!
Summer of Serve – meeting 5/19 4pm
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Dream Team