10th Anniversary

10 is an awesome number!

Just remember, a milestone and a finish line are not the same thing. A milestone is something you pass. A finish line is the end! And bad things happen when we mistake milestones for finish lines.

Kings don’t retire, they abdicate in exile.
Priests don’t retire, they fall from grace.
Warriors don’t retire, they start fighting the wrong battles.

Examples in the Bible of people who quit:

Noah was called righteous and blameless!
But the last event we learn of his life was a drunken event that brought shame and curse to his family!

Korah was of the chosen lineage to minister in God’s tabernacle
But died an inglorious death due to rebellion against God’s plan

Gideon was a nobody chosen by God to deliver Israel from oppression
But took advantage of his popularity and led his family and many in his nation away from God in the end

Eli was the High Priest of Israel
But his two sons and the Ark of the Covenant were both lost while he served as spiritual leader of Israel

King Saul was specifically chosen by God as the first king of Israel
But lost God’s favor because of disobedience

King Solomon was chosen by God and his own father David
But failed God terribly in his later years in leading his family and nation!

King Joash repaired the temple and reinstituted worship in Israel
But listened to the wrong people and was ultimately assassinated

Josiah led a national revival bringing the nation of Israel back to God
But died in battle when he didn’t pay attention to what God was doing

[ctt template=”3″ link=”I9923″ via=”no” ]A break is a day off, not a season of disengagement! Jesus took days off with disciples but right back to ministry.[/ctt]

David won many great battles, most famous of all? 1 Samuel 17:50-51
But he also broke half of the 10 commandments in one episode! 2 Samuel 11:1

The best in you will come out on the battlefield.
On the rooftop the worst in us comes out.
– Jimmy Evans

The battlefield is a metaphor for fighting, staying in the game, etc. Just as the rooftop is a metaphor for taking a break from responsibilities!

True kings never retire, they continue leading because of their passion for their people!
True priests never retire, they continue to mentor and pass along their anointing!
True warriors never retire, they continually rearm!

10 is not the finish line. Church 29:11 has passed a milestone! And there are many more to pass!