Life Matters

Exodus 20:13
Matthew 5:13

When a Christian is in a conversation there will be a flavor of Jesus!

John 8:31-32

Knowing truth and not sharing it is the opposite of love.

So what is the truth?
When does life begin? Conception? Implantation? Quickening? Tissue separation? Brain activity? Heartbeat? Viability? Breath?

What science says. Article 1. Article 2.

How does God view the unborn?
Psalm 139:13-16
Jeremiah 1:5
Proverbs 6:16-17

Every year the top 10 causes of death globally are outnumbered by induced abortions!

How did we get here?

2 Timothy 3:3


So what do we do, I mean, as the salt?

The story of Telemachus

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