Best Marriage Ever

Genesis 2:24, Mark 10:6-9, 1 Corinthians 6:16, Ephesians 5:31

Marriage is a relationship different from any other
Even living together isn’t close. Data shows that living together first does not increase the success of a marriage!

The secret to a successful marriage?
Commitment – No matter what!

Mark 10:9

Remember the marriage vows?

How to divorce-proof your marriage.
Surround yourself with people who don’t believe in divorce.
And protect yourself from people who do.

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We Told Our Friends ‘We’re Getting Divorced’—Their Response Changed Everything

Best Sex Ever

It is impossible to experience sexual oneness with more than one person. We’ve lost the innocence of romantic relationships which is so much deeper and stronger and fulfilling than casual sex.

“God warns us that this gift of sex is created to be life-giving and wonderful, but if it’s not used properly it can cause so much hurt and pain and regret…”
– Adam Weber
From the article Sex. The Good & Bad.

Women “…are not interested in two-dimensional intimacy and are not fooled by it. They are hungry for affection and love…” – Brian Berry

Best Partners Ever

Great partners know each other strengths and build through them

– one that shares
– one associated with another especially in an action

The partnership that exists in marriage does not divide every task equally. It is a 50/50 partnership in effort, investment, passion and responsibility.

“Our nature is sinful and must be redeemed. Educating an evil person without regard to evil doesn’t remove the evil; it simply makes him or her cleverer in spreading their evil. If I get all kinds of marital education and knowledge but never confront the evil self-obsession that lies within my heart, I’ll use that knowledge (my spouse’s love language, for instance) as a weapon rather than a blessing. I’ll employ her love language to get my way rather than to bless her.”
– Gary Thomas
From the article The Evil in Marriage We Rarely Mention

The real danger to your marriage comes in knowing you’re the taker and doing nothing about it.

Best Friends Ever

1 Samuel 18:1-4

When you marry, you choose your BFF. There is no deeper or more important relationship than with your spouse!


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