The Double Portion

Hebrews 12:23

It is a reward for faithful responsibility

Job 42:10

We want God to be faithful to us in His promises, to
ALWAYS show up,
ALWAYS help us in trouble,
ALWAYS hear and answer.
If we reap what we so, then…?

“He passed from the sphere of his own sorrows to the work of intercession for his friends, and it was through the very act of this self-oblivion and self-sacrifice that his own deliverance was brought about. When he prayed for his friends, we are told, the Lord turned his own captivity: that is, restored and re-instated him in prosperity even greater than before.” – Charles Ellicott

It is a gift

1 Samuel 1:5

So who does God love or delight in?
A cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7 A good reason to give
The righteous. Psalm 146:8 A good reason to live right
Pursuers of godliness. Proverbs 15:9 A good reason to pursue holiness
Those who are in awe of Him. Psalm 103:11 Respect matters
Those who speak the truth. Proverbs 12:22 Truth matters
People with integrity. Proverbs 11:20 Integrity matters
Those who belong to Him. Psalm 149:4

The double portion is sometimes a reward, sometimes a gift!

It is a spiritual bestowal or endowment

2 Kings 2:9

The bestowal of gifts is not in the power of man but in God!
God uses men and women as spiritual mentors.
But God is the One who bestows and His abilities are unlimited!

It is an honor for suffering, for damages, as a return or reinstatement of loss, to double the former glory & territory!

Isaiah 61

Whatever has been stolen, taken or lost
Whatever bad has been done against you
Whatever pain or sorrow is in your heart
Wherever you feel defeated or imprisoned
Whatever looks impossible
Whatever looks dead, finished, ruined, destroyed beyond hope
God’s favor is coming!

Haggai 2:8-9
1 Chronicles 4:9-10
Matthew 10:29-31

It is a right of every firstborn!

Deuteronomy 21:17

The double reward, the double gift, the double spirit, the double return is your right!