An Unexpected Way

No birth announcements, no social media – no fanfare?
Luke 2:13-14, Matthew 2:1-2

Why did nearly everyone miss it?
– No one was really paying attention. They were anxiously awaiting but not paying attention! Are we?
– Everyone was caught up in or distracted by their own stuff. Are we?
– Everyone already had Jesus figured out. Do we?

[ctt template=”3″ link=”157Tq” via=”no” ]If we aren’t careful, we’ll have it all figured out and miss what God is actually doing![/ctt]

When we come to Jesus we have to abandon most of what we think about God
John 17:25-26

God is Loving
Romans 5:8

God is Selfless
Philippians 2:6-8

God is Accepting
John 3:16

God is Forgiving
Luke 23:34

Jesus shows up in our problems!
On the sea, at a funeral, at Peter’s house, at the well in Samaria, etc., to people who needed Him.

After all, “Savior” is His middle name!

But we still miss it…

Like the woman at that well, John 4:5-30

Like the disciples in that boat, Luke 8:23-25

Seeing something to fix instead of seeing a God-opportunity

Like with Christmas—I’m a grandad and I want my grandkids to have toys, experiences, fun.

Most of all I want my grandkids to have Jesus!

I can’t afford to be a source of distraction, I must be THE one pointing the way toward Jesus!