Unexpected Places


Luke 2:11

Impressive, grandiose, pretentious palaces? It may surprise you, and should, that Jesus was never invited to the High Priest’s home. The first time Jesus, the Son of God, the King of Kings entered a palace?
Mark 15:16, John 18:28

No palaces for Jesus.
He was born in a stable.
He died between two thieves.
And then laid to rest in a borrowed tomb.
Luke 2:6-7, 23:32, Matthew 27:59-60

If Jesus was an average modern day pastor where would He spend His time?
Luke 4:16



Jesus spent the bulk of His time in “Unexpected Places”:
In a cornfield, on hillsides and in villages like Jericho, Capernaum and Nain.
Often in busy streets or by a well outside of town.
Both in gardens and in the wilderness.
At a pool in Bethesda, by the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee often.
From the Mount of Olives to Mt Hermon.
In many people’s homes like Simon Peter, Simon the leper, Zacchaeus, several unknown and in Lazarus’ home many times.
He joined in His first public celebration at a wedding in Cana and had His last meal in a borrowed room with those who would die for their faith in Him.

Church is the only place most people expect to find Jesus.

Jesus isn’t even welcome in many places outside of “church.”

Yet we live in the unexpected places! And if I’m there then so is He!

We are also called to display the love of Jesus in the unexpected places of this world!

“Unexpected Places” are unexpected opportunities!

Jesus didn’t just come to serve and minister in the expected places. Jesus went to the Unexpected Places – and He sends us there, too!

In what unexpected place is Jesus reaching out to you, wanting to help you, could He help you? Maybe it’s some place you haven’t even thought about, or your doubts have grown too large to believe anymore. Remember, Jesus specializes in Unexpected Places!