Reckless – Week Two

Most biblical examples I can think of where anyone did anything or accomplished anything of worth display recklessness

They lived differently, dangerously, or recklessly so!

Daniel 1:8-16

The diet issue was for them a part of their commitment, it was obedience. But it was weird to everyone else, it was silly, without reason.

They weren’t afraid to speak up when necessary…

Even if everyone didn’t believe it

Acts 27:21-25

Even if everyone didn’t like it

1 Kings 18:18

When you tell someone what they want to know instead of what they need to know, you’re an enabler.

If you don’t want to know don’t ask me. I’m not supposed to lie.
And neither are you.

They made a difference, risking position and life

Esther 4:14

If we already know the solution, then it’s not reckless!

If we only attempt what we know we can do then we don’t need God!

They risked failure, being told no, embarrassment

Blind Bart in Mark 10:46-52

The persistent widow in Luke 18:1-5

Simon Peter