Reckless – Week One

You can’t live your life reckless but there are times nothing less will do!

reckless (adj)
unconcern for the consequences of some action
being without caution

Fully understanding the consequences yet determined to proceed in spite of those consequences.

Just hearing doesn’t change your situation.

Mark 2:1-2

Hearing is important! It engenders faith! Romans 10:17

But even so, a receptive attitude and obedient heart is still required. Romans 10:21

Mark 2:2-3

Live in Faith mode

Anything we do must be based on faith that Jesus is, that Jesus did, that Jesus said, that Jesus can, that Jesus will, etc!

Mark 10:27

Act – do something!

Mark 2:4

Jesus told a blind man… John 9:1-7
Jesus told Simon Peter… Luke 5:4-6
Jesus told a dead man’s friends… John 11:38-44

James said faith without works is … James 2:26

Mark 2:5

Mark 2:10-12

Who is reckless?
Those who weigh the cost against the consequences or rewards and choose to press forward.