The Empire Strikes Back – Father’s Day

Darth Vader had nothing to give Luke except the dark side!

[ctt template=”3″ link=”hc3Lb” via=”no” ]Get something to give. Have something worth sharing. Be something worth imitating![/ctt]

Mark 8:36


It’s what we do, men are fixers. So fix it! Pass along something better than was passed on to you.

Do we know our weak spots?


There was no father.
– “Shmi” (Anakin’s mother) in Star Wars

Matthew 1:20

Fathers are important to God!

Connect! Teach your children these three things Jesus says about how to deal with tough relationships:
1. Love and pray for enemies and those who mistreat you – Luke 6:27-28
2. Go to those you are upset with – Matthew 18:15
3. Go to those upset with you – Matthew 5:23-24

Anakin had many men in his life – Watto, Qui Gon, Obi-Wan – but not one committed man.

Kids who grow up without a connected father struggle.

Which is more important, physical presence or mental and verbal presence?

[ctt template=”3″ link=”8nd9e” via=”no” ]If you are only there physically and not connected you’re missing the point of being there physically![/ctt]


There is ONE way. Everything else is the long way.