(they aren’t the same thing!)

Believing in a doctrine in your head is quite a different thing from determining to live your life a certain way.
Rob Grayson

Luke 9:57-62

John 3:16 – “believing into Jesus!”

You can’t really say you believe in Jesus and continue to lie, cheat, steal.
…or talk to a waitress anyway you want.
…or give everyone a piece of your mind, or 20% of your hand.
…or not be a woman or man of your word.


[ctt template=”3″ link=”HTGb9″ via=”no” ]Believers know God’s ways are awesome – Followers live by them[/ctt]

Believers pray when things get tough – Followers talk to God regularly

Believing is in the head – Following is feet that are going, hands that are reaching and helping, arms that are protecting and working, a heart that is caring, loving and sharing



John 13:4-5

A Title tells people who you are. A Towel shows them!

Before the cross the disciples were all about Titles.
Afterwards they were all about Towels!
Mark 10:35-41, John 21:21-22, Acts 12:1-2
Whatever Happened To The 12 Apostles?

[ctt template=”3″ link=”6E5e6″ via=”no” ]When you are a Christian it’s not about the TITLE but the TOWEL. John 13:4-5[/ctt]



John 12:4-6

When you work you have another motive, like a payday, coercion…
Serving is all about the act of serving itself.

What we’re talking about is making the connection between the sweat & tears and people.



2 Kings 4:8-37

  • The more precious the commodity you’re investing the greater the return. So always give your best, give yourself!
  • Don’t be satisfied visiting with Jesus. Create space for Him to move in!
  • Is Jesus comfortable at your house, in your life?
  • Just having Jesus around creates opportunity!
  • Abundant results don’t come from skimpy investments.
    The place she prepared and provided for someone else became the place of her 2nd miracle!

You can give your money without giving yourself.
You can give your time, talents, effort, even your life without giving yourself.
But you cannot give yourself without giving all the above!

I’m not giving an offering. I’m investing in miracles!

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If you want to be saved and become a follower of Jesus it’s very simple. Jesus has already done the hard work by dying for our sins. All we have to do is believe Jesus is exactly who He says He is, the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again on the 3rd day. And tell someone. You can tell a spouse, parent, best friend, or you can text us at 205-476-2911. Romans 10:9-10

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