…How? – part 2

If it is important to you, you’ll find a way.
If not, you’ll find an excuse.

17 years trying to lose weight
9 years watching tv
4 years eating
3 years washing clothes
1½ years in the bathroom
And half the population spends 8 years shopping

For many people, God only gets their leftovers – and there isn’t much leftover.

When everything is about me, eventually I’ll hit a dead end, or won’t have the answer, get burned out, my victories become less satisfying, my successes are no longer fulfilling!

JudasMark 14:10-11

AbrahamGenesis 15:1-7, 16:1-6

NoahGenesis 9:20-25

[ctt template=”3″ link=”Km3aa” via=”no” ]The awesome life God has always dreamed for you is not a to-do list. You don’t perform the dream, you live it![/ctt]

Studies prove being a committed part of a local church is good for you, your marriage, your kids, finances, emotional health, inner peace, outlook on life, even your physical health!

“The Church is God’s primary design for your spiritual growth and well-being!”
Nathan Rose

We need other Christians—their example, model, and prayers
We need opportunities to discover and use our gifts and talents
We need to worship together
We need to connect in small groups where we can learn, grow and serve together
We need the chance to impact on a scale larger than our individual efforts can accomplish
We need accountability
We need to be challenged
We need grace – there is no better place to learn, receive AND GIVE grace!

Remember, God isn’t “A” spoke, He’s “THE” hub.

  • Read the Bible daily
  • Pray constantly
  • Fast to keep focus
  • Make space to hear God
  • Commit to a local church