…can God touch my life?
…can I see impact?
…can God make a difference?
…can my life be awesome?
…can things be better?
…can I do things differently?
…can I say yes to God?

Luke 15:22-32

Every day the older son had nice clothes!

It symbolizes covering, like with Adam & Eve. God made them coats of animal skin and promised He has a plan!
Genesis 3:14-15, 21

Every day the older son had plenty of food!

Every hunger, every physical need was satisfied.
Matthew 6:25-33

Symbolic for us that every spiritual need, every spiritual hunger will be satisfied!
Psalm 107:9, John 4:14, Luke 1:53

Every day the older son wore shoes!

He was going places (like Travolta in Saturday Night Fever), facing new horizons (Cinderella’s glass slippers took her from servant to princess), full of confidence (like Dorothy’s ruby slippers)!

Every day the older son wore a ring – it gave him identity!

This ring spoke of wealth, position, honor and authority based on the father’s ability not the son’s.

Everywhere, just like with the oldest son’s:

  Clothes (God has a plan) – He gives us wisdom, decisions
  Food (provision) – family, home, marriage, kids, finances
  Shoes (future) – career, school, business, opportunities
  Ring (identity) – faith, salvation

Gal 5:22-23

Love for our neighbor AND our enemy!
Joy for our circumstances, even sorrow
Peace for our turmoil & conflict
Patience for daily aggravations, frustrations and disappointment
Kindness for an increasingly hostile and intolerant society
Goodness when surrounded by dishonesty and immorality
Faithfulness in a time where true commitment is rare
Gentleness as companion to His strength, not as weakness
Self-control in a world of self-centered narcissism

This is where it begins. We want to work on the leaves. But if we’ll work on the root God will produce the fruit!

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If you want to be saved and become a follower of Jesus it’s very simple. Jesus has already done the hard work by dying for our sins. All we have to do is believe Jesus is exactly who He says He is, the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again on the third day. And tell someone. You can tell a spouse, parent, best friend, or you can text us at 205-476-2911.
Romans 10:9-10