God is not just a good relationship to add to your life
Believing in God is not just a step to inner healing
Following God is not just a good idea
The very word God, capital G, means He is THE Sovereign!

Genesis 2:2

So if God is sovereign… what then?

His laws can be ignored but not violated without consequence
His laws are dependable
His word is final – 2 Cor 1:20

It would be foolish to deny His authority – 1 Chron 29:10-13
The safest place to entrust anything is in His hands! – 2 Tim 1:12

How to acknowledge God in your life

  • Praying daily keeps our minds connected to God
  • Asking for His direction is showing we value His wisdom
  • Speaking in positive faith shows our confidence in His abilities and His care for us
  • Making His dream happen by giving and serving says we believe His way is the best way
  • Loving others is the way Jesus said we show we are His followers
  • Living like you’re his son or daughter brings Him honor