Thanksgiving – think “gratitude” or “appreciation”

Praise – think “honor” or “acknowledging”

Worship is: the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration

Worship doesn’t just cause you to notice the good things about God. Worship, especially of God, causes you to imitate Him!

So what is Worship?

  • Prayer is worship – Matthew 6:9
  • Reading the Bible is worship – John 4:24
    How can we worship in truth if we don’t know truth?
  • Giving is worship – Matthew 6:21, Matthew 2:11, Malachi 3:10-12
    If you want to know what you worship, look at your calendar and your bank statement.
  • An attitude of gratitude is worship, appreciation instead of grumbling and complaining
  • Saying grace over meals is worship
  • Serving others is worship – Matthew 25:40
  • Sharing our faith is worship!
  • Obedience is worship
    Imagine a king is speaking to you. What would be a respectful and reverent response?
    Ignoring him or listening and obeying?
  • Living the amazing life God dreams for us is worship

Romans 12:1

Finally, yes, singing can be worship. But only if it begins in the soul!

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