How To… Communicate With God

7 Prayers I am Praying Over My Church in 2017

  1. Remind us, it begins right here!
  2. Help us take our commitment to finance and otherwise support our mission more seriously
  3. Help us reach the next 180 who need to know Jesus
  4. Lead each one of us to Own Our Growth
  5. Lead us to welcome discipleship from one another
  6. Open more doors in more communities and bless us with the necessary means to reach them!
  7. Give us greater impact in our communities in 2017

We are not spending a half hour sermon on prayer today because communicating with God is difficult. We are taking this half hour because of the importance of prayer!

How the Bible teaches us to pray:

Matthew 6:9

Hebrews 4:16

1 Thessalonians 5:17 & Ephesians 6:18

Psalm 5:3 & James 1:6-7

James 2:26 & Jeremiah 32:16

For many Christians, prayer has become an escape from responsibility. Rather, prayer should lead us into the very acts and exploits for our God.
– Jan Willem van der Hoeven

Isaiah 58:6-7

James 5:16

2 Kings 19:14-16


Jesus on How To Communicate with God: Matthew 6:9-13


Slow down and do some dialoguing with God!