Blockbuster — Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

“The 1st movie was about becoming a family. This movie is about being a family.”
– James Gunn, writer/director

Ephesians 4:16

Having the same last name isn’t what makes you a family

–  A collection of decidedly less-than-perfect oddballs that shouldn’t even like each other
–  They are each one wounded in their own way and alone are unfulfilled
–  None have very good social skills but work through it with a higher sense of purpose
–  They learn that for a family to function well everyone needs to know where and how they fit

Everyone has something awesome to do for Jesus!

Romans 12:6-8
Peter Quill, the leader
Drax has the temperament of a prophet
Gamora is overcome by feelings of mercy
Baby Groot, both encourager and protector
Yondu, we learn, is a teacher and mentor
Rocket, a giver and helper

Hebrews 10:24

These first few hours spent in church every week are vital but what’s most important is what you do with it during the next 163 hours of your week!

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Have you ever noticed that even in our SciFi, what humans have written about other worlds, there is a moral compass? Morality, doing what is right, putting others first are not just global ideals. It’s obvious we believe they are universal!