BLOCKBUSTER – 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why you should go on a mission trip

1. To expand the kingdom of Jesus – Matthew 28:19-20

2. See there is more to the world than strip malls, cell phones, reality tv, etc. You’ll put less emphasis on material things – Matthew 6:25-33

3. To see that American Christianity is the exception, not the norm

4. And the American dream is not the only dream, maybe not the best dream

5. You need to understand how blessed you really are – many families you encounter on a mission trip have no understanding of A/C, beds or bedrooms, indoor plumbing, running water, or even clean water!

6. You’ll witness true generosity, from people who have maybe a tenth of what you have but insist on feeding you first – Mark 12:41-44

7. To remember that being a Christian isn’t just cleaning up for Sunday but also getting your hands dirty when you see a need – Luke 10:30-37

8. To see that Christians come in all shapes, sizes, colors and speak many different languages – Galatians 3:26-28

9. For the potential opportunity to witness pure Christianity – James 1:27

10. To get outside your comfort zone, into a place that requires risk – Matthew 16:24-27

11. It reminds us this Christianity thing is bigger than our own personal theology! – Acts 11:1-18

12. You will come home wanting to do something to change someone else’s life, be more likely to give to missions and to the mission Jesus gave us to reach the “whole world”! – 2 Corinthians 8:1-4

13. You will see the heart of Jesus – Matthew 19:13-15

13 Reasons Why we do series, like Blockbuster

1. Something different, exciting, fresh, renew your passion for listening to sermons

2. Encourages creativity and a fresh approach in sermon preparation

3. Relational

4. Relevance to our everyday lives, making the sermon come alive

5. Promote more word of mouth, the most effective form of advertising

6. Because we are called to reach others, to invite others not just enjoy church ourselves

7. Connecting the community with you instead of the pastor

8. Momentum of anticipation

9. Momentum as sermons build on each other more effectively

10. Momentum in promotion, not changing gears every week

11. More leverage than a solo sermon, able to go wider into the whole message and council of God, and deeper into the message, not just hitting the high points

12. Greater balance, better idea development with less info overload

13. Continuity, better focus, not changing styles and themes every week

+1. An easy excuse to invite, it equips you to reach your family, friends and neighbors

13 Reasons Why you need to build a strong family

1. A strong family is like a fortress

2. A spiritually strong family is a spiritual fortress

3. Fathers are important

4. We don’t get do-overs

5. Your family is under attack, and the enemy will keep coming back

6. Teens still need guidance – maybe even more!

For example, 13 Reasons Why. Do you have any idea why it has a TV-MA rating? Have you discussed it with your teen? It has a TV-MA rating because it is deemed not suitable for minors. There is a graphic scene of Hannah committing suicide then bleeding out in a bathtub, there are multiple rapes, there is nudity, teens are drinking, there is bullying, drug use, other violence and very strong language.

7. Show your kids how to just keep swimming

8. So everyone can learn where they belong

9. The new drug: Porn. Even secular researchers finally agree that we know what porn does to kids!
Now We Know What Porn Does To Kids
Researchers Are Finally Blowing the Whistel on Porn

10. The Number of Teens & Kids Admitted to Hospitals Due to Suicide Attempts Doubled in last 10 Years!

11. Leave nothing to chance – Joshua 24:14-15

12. Leave a legacy of Godliness – 1 Samuel 2:12-13

13. To point your family to the source of real strength, to give them Jesus!

13 Reasons Why you need 29:11 teens

1. Negative peer pressure

2. Alcohol and drugs

3. The prevalence of unrestrained sexual immorality

4. Suicide

5. You need reality, which you won’t get from movies, music and social media
Things You Need to Know About 13 Reasons Why by Kevin Carson

6. Positive peer pressure, other teens who love God!

7. Positive role models

8. It’s a spiritual atmosphere geared to your age and needs

9. To remind you the world does not revolve around you

10. The opportunity to serve others

11. To challenge you to be your best

12. Teach you what won’t learn elsewhere & tell you what you won’t hear elsewhere

13. You need theology, an understanding of who God says He is, and the opportunity to explore God with adults who will take time to answer your questions

13 Final Reasons Why

Ephesians 4:11-15

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