The Rest of the Story — The Mission is Why

Tasks and mission are two different things.
Complete the tasks but stay focused on the mission.


Genesis 6:18
Some people are always working on the boat, the tasks. They never get the mission.

Noah forgot the mission was about saving his family. He built the boat but forgot to lead his family!


I know David got it because he wanted to bring the ark back Jerusalem – twice! And he wanted to build God a temple.

But there was that one night he forgot the mission. 2 Samuel 11

And don’t forget about Adonijah. 1 Kings 1:5-6

David led an entire nation to God but not his family.

I am convinced our #1 mission field is the family God gives us.

The Mission is about people!


Exodus 16:3 
The reason people complain is they don’t get the mission!


Tasks are about today
Mission is about the future!

Numbers 14:24
Caleb never bellyached over food. In reality he tried to tell Israel they were about to inherit more food than they could eat, if they would just have faith in God.

Joshua 14:6-12
Being on mission with God is a team sport. Living for yourself leaves you all alone when the battles come.

You may not be perfect in tasks or efforts.
But aim for perfection on mission!