Make Change: Get Outside Yourself


Today our culture values money, image and fame

Studies show we are living in an increasingly narcissistic society

In 1980 the American Psychiatric Association officially recognized narcissistic personality disorder. Some of the signs are: jealousy, competition, entitlement, require constant reinforcement & attention from others, need to be noticed, believe others are interested in what they are doing all the time, etc.

But narcissism is dangerously destructive!

Excessive self-involvement is not good for our happiness.
People who cut themselves off from others and strive only for material success have the highest rates of alcoholism, mood disorders, marital discord and suicide risk in themselves and their children.
The health of our immune systems is very much affected by our social connections.
Having three hours per month of informal social contact with others outside our family has the same health benefits as quitting smoking.
When close friends put their hands on our shoulders … we can tolerate acute physical pain that otherwise could only be poorly managed by drug therapy.
Money cannot replace people. Once we have enough to support our basic life needs, pursuing more wealth does not increase our happiness.
Indeed, most of us get our basic life meaning by doing good deeds for others or having some greater good for which we work. What really makes us happy is challenging ourselves to learn and getting involved with people who benefit from us.
John Driggs, LICSW
The hardest burden in life is self-centeredness. Selfishness comes naturally to us; we see to our own needs first. The human prospect is too bleak unless we literally extend ourselves. The sooner we relocate our strivings outward, rather than remaining confined in self-seeking projects, the more at ease we will be with whatever life presents.
Wendy Lustbader, M.S.W.
One of the easiest ways to ‘be happy instantly’ when you’re having a bad day is helping someone else.
Deepak Chopra



Make someone’s day 
The next time you open a social media app, instead of seeking validation, look for someone else to validate!

Lighten someone’s burden
Pay attention, like Joseph in Genesis 40:6-7!

Bless someone
Buy their lunch, take donuts to work, etc.

Invite someone to church or small group
The most important interaction you can have is to bring someone to Jesus!